About Us

All we do is about people and God.  The Church’s buildings, money, events and values are all about people. Resourcing and equipping people to follow Jesus. Caring for and supporting one another, and helping one another grow. Helping people discover and worship God.   We believe each person has important abilities and gifting towards these tasks. 

​​We are Baptist:  Our services are fairly informal and accessible because we believe every worshipper’s contribution is important. We mark people’s commitment to Christian faith with “believers’ baptism” because we believe in a “believers’ church”.  

All major decisions are made in connection with everyone who is committed to the church through membership, and who have undergone believers’ baptism.  Nonetheless we have a leadership team, who support the pastor in helping to guide us in our growth and in helping to develop everyone’s “ministry”.

We are part of the Rosyth community and we want to serve it as best we can.