Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values is summed up in the statement “Learning to show the Father’s love”.

“Learning to show the Father’s love” means:

​Developing as disciples of Jesus. 

​A disciple is a learner.  We are always learning as followers of Jesus. Our textbook is the Bible. We aim to equip people to live out what the Bible teaches in real life. We learn through one another as we meet on zoom, and through our YouTube ‘services’ that involve a variety of people as well as our pastor.

​Demonstrating the Kingdom of God

There’s plenty talk among Christians! Words are important and we want to get the words right. But we’re committed to more than just talking about God’s kingdom.  We want to show the reailties we talk about, by Godly character,  Supernatural gifts,  Generous service.

​Drawing close to our heavenly Father.

​The word Christians have used for this is ​”Spirituality” – the means by which we cultivate a living relationship with God and a sense of his active presence in our lives.  Our Spirituality aims to be that of Jesus and his Kingdom – one that calls God “Our Father in Heaven”, walks with God in childlike trust,  secure in the privilege of being his children.

​Dealing with people in love.  

Relationships are vital to us. Just as our spirituality is about a relationship with God, our understanding of Church is rooted in proper, healthy relationships with each other; and making relationships with the people we serve is foundational to how we share the Good News of Jesus.