Vision and Values


‘learning to show the Father’s love’ as we, together and individually, grow more like Christ through God’s work in us.


  1. Holy Spirit dependent.  Dependency means we are led, shaped and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  We acknowledge Christ’s authority and expect him to move in power.
  2. Adventurous. Ready to follow where the Spirit leads.  Flexibility, fluidity, creativity.  We don’t become set in our ways.
  3. Pastoral. Everyone matters.  Everyone’s needs appropriately met.  Everyone takes on pastoral responsibility.  We all care for one another.
  4. RelationalThis is about encountering each other.   Church is more than a Sunday event.  A Church that is small groups rather than a church that has small groups. What we are is defined by relationships.
  5. Embedded. This is about encountering our neighbours.   Mission is holistic, relational, and generous.  We all engage in mission by how we live in the local community.
  6. Connected. This is about working with other Churches.  We are interdependent not independent of other Churches.  We connect, co-operate, and collaborate to resource effective mission and ministry.