Prayer is relationship with God. We believe that prayer is of fundamental imporatance to all that we are and do so we often spend time together in prayer for ourselves and our church; our friends, families, and the communities that surround us; for the country, and world as a whole. We pray during our services, but also before every Sunday service (for 15 mins at 10:15am).

Prayer is a two way relationship with God and so we set aside longer periods of time to pray and listen, and discern what God is saying to us. On the first Sunday of every month we pray and fast (we pray in place of having tea/coffee and biscuits together) following the service until 2pm. Roughly once a quarter we meet at around 9:30am on a Sunday morning to eat breakfast together (usually sausages on rolls, scrambled egg, toast, and fruit ) followed by spending time in prayer together.

You can dowload our daily prayer pointers to help pray for our church, communities, and missionaries each day from here.