Sermons by Series

15th May 2022 – ‘Not to be served but to serve‘ – 1 Peter 5
8th May 2022 – ‘Standing up and Standing out‘ – 1 Peter 1-4
1st May 2022 – ‘I think I’m a good person‘ – suited to those questioning or without a Christian faith
How our goodness (righteousness) stacks up before God.

17th April 2022 – Easter Sunday – Who is Jesus Christ? What is Easter about? suited to those questioning or without a faith

3rd April 2022 – Palm Sunday – A Storm Is Brewing – Matthew 27:11-31
27th March 2022 – Praise God You Bear That Name – 1 Peter 4
20th March 2022 – Living For God Without Fear – 1 Peter 3
13th March 2022God’s House and Authority -1 Peter 2

New series from 1 Peter.
6th March 2022Born To Overcome and Inheritance1 Peter 1

Lockdown begins April 2020-

Hope V Expectations, John 20. 19-23 (peace), Isaiah 43 (new thing)

NEW LIFE (2020 Vision), Ephesians 6:10-19 January 2020-March 2020

  • Nurtured by the Truth
  • Expressing God’s character. Righteousness
  • Walking among people with the Gospel of Peace
  • Leaning on God in faith
  • Identity as a child of god. Salvation.
  • Focus on mission with the Word, in the power of the Spirit.
  • Expecting movement as we pray

Ephesians 6 v 10-13, Nurtured with Truth, Expressing God’s character: Righteousness, Walking: Ephesians 6. 15, Leaning on Jesus: the shield of faith, Identity: The Helmet of Salvation, Focus on Word and Spirit, mini healing series for E: Mark 1. 21-34 (healing), Mark 1. 35-45: (healing), Mark 2. 1-12 (healing)

BREAD: Blessing others; Reliance on the Spirit; Eating; Attentiveness to Jesus; and Dialogue, conversations. May 2019- November 2019

Colossians 1. 15-29 Body of Christ?, BLESS! A call to generous speaking and living. Matthew 9. 35 – 10. 15, Bless: Praying the Mission, How to be a Blessing:, Relying on the Spirit., Life in the Spirit, Receiving the spirit., Releasing the Spirit, “I will put my Spirit in you”, Ezekiel 47:, Eating together, “Eating Out”, Attention to Jesus: Truth, Attending to Jesus: Methods in Mission, Attending to Jesus: Motivating passion!, Attention to Jesus: Teamwork, Attention to Jesus: “Lifted up…”, Dialogue about Jesus, Telling the Whole Story of God the Father, Dialogue about Jesus…“Your call!”, Dialogue: what’s the good news?

Others Services:

Centenary Celebration Service (Alan Donaldson), The Power of Prayer (Dawn), 1Chronicles 4. 9-10: “, Genesis 32:22-32. A mysterious figure wrestles Jacob (Dawn), The Values of Jesus Luke 10:19 (Dawn), Gabriel brings news to Mary, Luke 1. 39-45, The Humility of Mary, Luke 1. 67-79, Luke 10:38-42. In the home of Martha and Mary