We meet at 11am every Sunday to  gather together for church.  We spend some time singing together – and we do this at the beginning, middle, and end of the service..  There will be some prayers, led from the front, and a speaker ( who is usually, but not always, the pastor) will give a talk through which we can can learn about how the Bible is speaking to us today.  We may eat some bread, and drink some grape juice together (communion).  Jesus did this with his followers at the last supper as well as teaching about it; and so this act helps us to think about Jesus and the way he sacrificed his life for all of us.  Jesus welcomed anyone and everyone to share meals with him (including those often rejected by culture) and so all are welcome to join us no matter what.  There is no need to dress smart for a Sunday gathering! Come as you are.  

Roughly once a month our sunday gatherings a ‘cafe’ style with tea/coffee and cakes freely available throughout our worship and in the same room.  Other times tea/coffee and cakes are served in the back hall following the service.


Children are very welcome as part of our ‘family’ at every service. Sometimes our children go into the hall, after the first songs, for craft and games activities along with Bible teaching. At other times the children stay with the adults for the church service, but often craft materials are available for them in the main church. Whether in the hall, or in the main church service, our children’s leader, Marnie Hampson, and others who help her, usually engage with the children and make sure they are entertained. We do not expect children to sit quietly, and we regularly involve them in our services.